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The "Best of Shortcast Club" podcast is a curated anthology of our favorite shortcasts from the week. If you like variety, then this is the podcast for you. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or anywhere you get podcasts!

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All you need is your phone. Shortcast Club is for short podcasts. Record up to three minutes from anywhere.

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Our TikTok-to-podcast tool makes it easy to publish your TikToks as podcasts, so the audio you’re already recording can be heard by your fans on all the podcast players. It’s easy to set up, and there is no cost.

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We’re building a community around short-form podcasting, and we want you on our team. That's why our app is free, both to discover exciting content and to record your own. Our TikTok-to-Podcast tool is free. Our Best of Shortcast Club podcast is free. No catch. Join us today.

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We support all the podcast listening apps and directories, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Simplecast, PocketCast, and more. Publish once on Shortcast Club, and you'll be heard on all the podcast players.

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Do you want to interview guests? We make it a breeze.

No scheduling headaches with the Shortcast Club way. After recording your intro, you can invite your friends to listen and record their own segments. When you're happy with the collected audio, at the touch of a button you can combine all the segments in the conversation and publish as an episode.

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A sample of some of our titles...

The coverart from the featured podcasts depicts animals, possibly reindeer, illuminated by a large moon at night.
Skygazing with Carolinda

by Carolinda

A rhyming podcast about the moon, from and ardent sky gazer and the author of “Once in a Full Moon”.

Podcast coverart
Simplyfying Sam - The Shortcast!

by Samantha Chung

In addition to the 'Spiraling Higher' Podcast, you can now listen to all of Sam's TikTok videos in audio format right here on this podcast! Tune in for quick hit of motivation or a dose of mindfulness and shift your perception....

Podcast coverart
TriviumU: Timeless Training for Professional Communicators

by Dr. Ben Crosby

Ben Crosby is a professor of rhetoric and a communication skills consultant. He teaches courses in public speaking and presenting, argumentation and debate, technical and professional communication, persuasion and selling, and the history of rhetoric.

Podcast coverart
"Auntie Matrix"

by "Auntie Matrix"

👀 i read ur weird stories & i'm woo-woo ✨

Podcast coverart
Bovino Law Group

by Joseph Bovino

US Immigration & Business Attorney | Assimilation Advocate | Not Legal Advice | Schedule a Consultation

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Murder We Write

by Carol Goodman Kaufman

The podcast about crime and crime writing.

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"Talkin' Trash with Stacy Savage"

by Stacy Savage

Stacy Savage, AKA "The Texas Trash Talker", is a Zero Waste expert helping businesses reduce waste for increased revenue, deeper customer loyalty & a green marketing edge!

Podcast coverart
Don’t Just Win. Dominate.

by Bill Harper

Brand Builder | Insights Junkie | Undervalued Business Advocate | Change Agent - I spend my days helping million-dollar businesses reach their billion-dollar aspirations.

Podcast coverart
"Lawyer Tyson's Shortcast"

by Tyson Mutrux

Lawyer Tyson's Shortcast

Podcast coverart
"Scary Drug Facts"

by Breck L. Rice

Scary drug facts of commonly prescribed medications short podcast from the healthcare disrupter. Each episode is one minute or less.

Podcast coverart
Therapy Beyond The Couch's Shortcast

by Tami Amit

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and EMDR Practitioner sharing tools on releasing unconscious blocks and living well.

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AskKait's Shortcast

by Kait Maniscalco

Reporting done differently 🎙 Gen Z Erin Andrews ✨

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