March 14, 2022

How is Shortcast Club different from traditional hosts like is a popular hosting option for a more traditional podcast, where you record, edit, and produce a highly polished finished product. 

Shortcast Club is for short, less-produced content. Think: the Twitter of Podcasting. Whereas with a traditional podcast, you might spend 5 to 80 hours creating one episode, with Shortcast Club you record for up to 3 minutes and you’re done. 

With a traditional podcast, to record an interview you’ll generally schedule a time for everyone to be together at once. With, you record asynchronously. The first person records an intro, and the other participants can record their parts when they want. Then, the first person can combine all the segments and publish at the push of a button. 

With both options, it’s easy to distribute to all the major listening platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google, Stitcher, Spotify, and more. 

Both great tools, but for different purposes.