February 9, 2023

Top 5 activities while listening to a podcast

The majority of Americans now listen to podcasts, and the number is growing. TikTok is amazing, but there are times you just need your hands and eyes free. So what are people doing while they listen to podcasts? Here are the top five activities.

According to data from yougov.com, #1 on the list is household chores, with 49 percent listening while doing things around the house.

#2 is commuting, with 42 percent listening while going to, or from, work.

#3 on the list is exercising, with 29 percent listening while working out.

#4 is cooking or baking, also with 29 percent listening in the kitchen.

Coming in at number five, 25 percent listen while out on a walk. Which I suppose they counted separately from exercising.

Surprisingly, only 21% listen while going to sleep. I would have guessed higher.